Psychoactive Drug Screening Program

Ki database is free resource supported by NIMH, this database offers more than 55,000 Ki values.

Click on to download the whole database in a plain text file. This file will be refreshed regularly. The last six characters on the file name contains the date when the file was generated.


There are two additional files, containing those records that have been removed and added from the Kidb. gone.txt and new.txt respectively.
Each field is tab-separated and text fields are delimited by ".

This is the data structure that you will find in the text file:
record number 
receptor name 
UniGene codeThis code allow you to access NCBI-UniGene database
test ligand IDThe test ligand ID
test ligand nameThe test ligand name
SMILEScanonical SMILES code
CAS numberYou may use this identifier to search NCBI- PubChem Compound
NSC numberYou may use this identifier to search Enhanced NCI Database
hot Ligandyou may find "undefined" for some records
species you may find "undefined" for some records
source / tissueyou may find "undefined" for some records
Ki notethis field has a greater than symbol ">". You may find a null value
Ki valuethis value is expressed in nM, for some values you will see more than 2 decimals, this is the result of the conversion from pKi to Ki
referencesome data were internally generated by PDSP
link to PubMed / PMIDsome values generated by PDSP are not published. You may find a null value

If you have any questions please contact us by email Dr. Bryan Roth or Estela Lopez.