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Psychoactive Drug Screening Program

The PDSP Ki database is a unique resource in the public domain which provides information on the abilities of drugs to interact with an expanding number of molecular targets. The Ki database serves as a data warehouse for published and internally-derived Ki, or affinity, values for a large number of drugs and drug candidates at an expanding number of G-protein coupled receptors, ion channels, transporters and enzymes.

The query interface is designed to let you search by any field, or combination of them to refine your search criteria. The flexible user interface also provides for customized data mining. Our database is regularly updated. If you know of Ki data you would like us to add, you can select Direct Ki Entry at the grey panel. If you would like, however, your own data (published or not) added, Send Us a Reference at the grey panel, or send an email to Dr. Bryan Roth or Estela Lopez

Future Enhancements:

A searchable database of agonist/antagonist properties of drugs and drug candidates at various molecular targets


This web site is funded by the NIMH Psychoactive Drug Screening Program and by a gift from the Heffter Research Institute.

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