To make your own heatmaps with dendograms download
" Regard-Sato-Coughlin_Cell_Figure_3" and
"Regard-Sato-Coughlin_Cell_Figure_5" along with
instructions for generating and viewing heatmaps.

To view GPCR-tissue and GPCR-GPCR heatmaps
(Figures 3A & 5A, respectively) download
"GPCR-Tissue Heatmap.cdt" and
"GPCR-GPCR Heatmap.cdt" and open in Java TreeView.


The below file contains the raw and transformed data for GPCR expression in mouse tissues. Downloading this excel file will allow you to view the raw and transformed data and perform your own analysis. Within in a given tissue sample, ordering the GPCRs from lowest to highest Ct value allows the receptors to be oriented (roughly) from highest to lowest abundance within that tissue.

Download Regard Supplemental GPCR Expression Raw Data


Website where these programs can be downloaded are below:
Cluster 3.0 and Java TreeView